Turkish antinuclear activists have to be immediately released!

Mediterranean No Nuclear Neighbourhood

4, Mitropoleos St., TEE/Tm. Dodekanisou, P.C. GR85100, Rhodes, GREECE


Rhodes, 07/07/2010

The Turkish antinuclear activists have to be immediately released!

Only a few days ago, during  the European Forum Assembly in Istanbul, the international antinuclear movement MN3 strongly expressed its solidarity to the Turkish people opposed to the Russian – Turkish nuclear agreement and launched a public appeal   against this extremely dangerous project and all the similar ones in the broad southeastern European area and the Mediterranean. So, it was with great astonishment and dismay that we’ve received the news of 58 antinuclear activistshave been arrested in Ankara yesterday, among them Yesiller members including co spokesperson Umit  Sahin, members and the  local leaders from Sinop and Akkuyu Anti Nükleer Movements, Greenpeace members and citizens, because of their protesting in front of the Turkish Parliament against the Turkish- Russian  agreement on  constructing nuclear reactors on Turkish territory!

We  strongly believe that such actions  are  opposed to the mere essence of  democratic rules, since  in a  democratic society it’s not only the citizens’ right but also their obligation to express  their  opinion on a matter  that totally affects public security, health, creates huge  environmental  risks and  also alters a state policies not only on the energy field but on the economic and geo strategic  existing balance as well.  Every citizen that respects his responsibilities is obliged to take a stand on a matter  that puts  his country’s prosperity  in danger as well as it is every democratic  state’s obligation to provide the frame that secures the exertion of  these  activities. It is therefore more than clear that   the arrest of citizens  (let alone executives and  members of perfectly legal political parties )can’t be other than unacceptable from the international  democratic public opinion.

Therefore, we, members of the international antinuclear Network  “Mediterranean No Nuclear Neighborhood-MN3” representing ecological  and antinuclear groups and national Networks of 9 countries in S.E. Europe and the Mediterranean,we demand the  immediate release of Umit Sahin and all “Yesiller” members and the  local leaders  from Sinop and Akkuyu Anti Nükleer Movements, Greenpeace members and citizens that are still under  police custody.

The executive Secretariat

of the Mediterranean No Nuclear Neighborhood-MN3 Network

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