Appeal: Protesting the transfer of Russian nuclear waste to Germany

*To the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry A. Medvedev,*

*German Counsellor, Angela Merkel,*

*US President Barak Obama,*

*Secretary General of the IAEA, Yukiya Amano*


*We, the representatives of the public organizations, appeal to you to support our protest against the 1000 nuclear waste rods to be transferred to Russia from the Centre of Nuclear Research in Rossendorf (Germany).*

We consider this threat to the security people the Baltic region as well as areas along the path of transportation of dangerous goods, in particular – are residents of the ultimate destination – “PO Mayak” in Chelyabinsk region, which is already the most radiation-contaminated regions of the world.

At the nuclear spent fuel reprocessing facility “PO “Mayak”, Chelyabinsk Region, during the past 65 years, several severe nuclear accidents took place, which led to the contamination of tens of thousands square kilometers of Russian land. The waste that is currently being reprocessed continues to dump into the lakes Karachay, Old Marsh, Tatysh, and reservoirs of the Techa cascade, and further to the river Ob and the Arctic Ocean.

The radiation has contaminated the food chain, as well as poisoned the local population. People living on the polluted land, and consuming polluted food and water have developed multiple illnesses and need expensive treatments. This in turn has forced all of those affected to live in poverty with low social status. Nevertheless, with no other choices, Russian citizens continue to live in these polluted areas around the reprocessing facility.

Among the four generations of people who suffered radiation poisoning in Chelyabinsk region, cancer cases have reached 387 casualties per 100,000 people. Children’s cancer rates reached 14.1 per 100,000 people, resulting in a 64 % increased of cancer rates from 2007 to 2008. Among the newborn population the number of abnormalities reached 47.6 per 1000 children born in 2008.

*We consider it perilous to transport* spent nuclear fuel to Russia. The wastes produced from the storage and reprocessing are often dumped directly into the environment.

*We think* that the agreement between the governments of Germany, Russia and the US with the support of the IAEA is immoral and it undermines the fundamental international principle of equality of environmental security among the countries.

*We call for German* *Counsellor Angela Merkel, *as well as other Governments with strong security regulation systems (environmental and anti-terrorism), to develop policy to prevent the exportation of their dangerous waste to other countries. It passes the responsibility for damage from nuclear waste to the other nations.

*We demand *that Germany be excluded from the Agreement between Russia and the United States and the IAEA (as a third party) that legalized the transportation of the spent nuclear fuel among countries. This agreement leads to negative socio-economic consequences for the nations where the final storage and reprocessing are located.

*We urge you to impose a ban on the transfer of spent nuclear fuel of the Center for Nuclear Research in Rossendorf (Germany), Russia (at Mayak in Chelyabinsk region).***

*Sign by:*

1. *Natalia Mironova*, «Movement for Nuclear Safety», Chelyabinsk

2. *Alexey Yablokov*, prof., Nuclear Program SEU, Moscow,

3. *Andrey Talevlin*, Fund «For Nature», Chelyabinsk,

4. *Aleksey Babin*, «Legal Consciousness», Chelyabinsk,

5. *Oleg Bodrov*, «Green World», Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad Oblast,

6. *Alexandr Nikitin*, Human rights protection Centre “Bellona”, Sankt Petersburg,

7. *Tatiana Artemova*, magazine “Posev”, Association of the Environmental Journalists, Saint-Petersburg

8. *Albert Garapov*, Anti-Nuclear Society of Tatarstan, Kazan,

9. *Aleksey** **Toropov*, Sibiria Environmental Agency, Tomsk,

10. *Michael** **Piskunov*, Center for Promotion of the Civic Initiatives, Dmitrovgrad

11. *Yura Ivanov*, the Kola Environmental Center, Murmansk,

12. *Andrey Pinchuk*, Center for Support Environmental initiatives,

13. *Olga Pitsunova*, Partnership for Development, Saratov,

14. *Tamara Dobretsova*, Fo the Life, Kostroma,

15. *Alexey Kokorin*, WWF, Moscow,

16. *Ekaterina Tatarinova*, WW protection, Moscow,

17. *Vladimir Latka*, Kola environmental Center, Apatitu,

18. *Olga Senova*, Baltic Friends, Sankt Petersburg,

19. *Lyudmila Zjirina, *Viola, Bryansk,*

20. *Olga Podosenova*, Ural Ecological Union, Yekaterinburg,

21. *Vitaly Servetnik*, Nature and Youth, Murmansk,

22. *Lars Haltbrekken*, “Norges Naturvernforbund/Friends of the Earth

Norway”, Oslo Norway

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