Internet livestream of Anti-NATO-Activities

Internet livestream of Anti-NATO-Activities, Lisbon

November 19-21

Watch the NATO Counter Summit in Lisbon LIVE on your computer via the internet.

Everybody can follow the actions against NATO’s politics of war and show solidarity to the peace movement. Just click to the above link and you will be connected to the livestream. This is an action of the ICC for peace activists all over Europe and the world. We encourage you to utilize this live stream in local meetings on the weekend of the NATO Summit.

Friday, November 19th

11-14 Plenary of the NATO Counter Summit LIVE

14-22.30 3 Workshops of the NATO Counter Summit LIVE

Compliation of impressions of the Counter Summit and videos of different workshops available in our online archieve ( in the evening.

Saturday, November 20th

Public Event in the City of Lisboa (either live from 10-12 or in our archieve at 12.30) most up to date videos and pictures of the Anti-NATO-Demonstration in Lisbon every full hour from 14-18

In the evening concerts and speeches from the Square of Peace (in our online archive at 21:00)

Sunday, November 21st

10-14 Plenary and Anti-War Assembly of the NATO Counter Summit LIVE

14:30 Retrospective on the anti-NATO events in Lisbon LIVE

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