Massive Protests on Shipping Nuclear Waste by AREVA

Latest news:

The train is over 14 hours late and is parked for the night 10 meters away from the windows of a sleeping room of an inhabitant!
We’re still maintening the pages of live.
Some pages in English, most "just"’ in French and German.

Voici la traduction que j’ai fait de CP de GANVA. Merci de diffuser le plus largement possible, il a déjà passé sur Stopnuclear Power Network, no-nukes-europe, David Lowry et co en GB

See here for photos:
video here:

Here’s a quick translation from French that I did. I wasn’t involved though.

Latest from the blocking of nuclear train in the direction of Germany.

The action that took place on Friday in Caen caused the the train to be delayed for 3 and a half hours. The method used to stop the train allowed the successful installation of the arm tubes safely. From this point of view, the action was a success.

The philosophy of action, like all others, was not having to physically confront the police. The actual blocking of the train based on physical barriers (metal tubes passed under the tracks) on which five militants were locked on.

It was the responsibility of the "gendarmes" and police to remove people safely.

Instead the police have deliberately injured 3 people by cutting the tubes. One of them had two severed tendons in her hand and had to undergo surgery. She remains in hospital. She is on sick leave for 30 days and will have further complications in the future. The other 2 were treated for burns out last night and were placed directly into custody.

It is unacceptable that in a non-violent action the security forces use violence and cause injury voluntarily to militants. For this reason we will be bringing the police to court.

The 6 who were in custody were released at 20:15 on Saturday and are summoned to court in Caen on 8 December 2010.

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