New German Defence Policy Guidelines

Two days ago the new German Defence Minister, de Mazière, issued new Defence Policy Guidelines which are available in German, English and French. For EN and FR, scroll down the page!ut/p/c4/RYwxD4IwEEb_UQuDkbhJSNTFwUVwIYVeysX2Sq5XWPzxwmD8XvKWl3z6pTfILOiMYCTjdau7EU_DqoawOJVwnIAnQElz9Cj4VkMmC2mFiRVBdpDEeMnkegvc_6N-7tcW1BgJZLcACW52bCSymiOL30tm3opCq7uibOqiLH4rP9Wlvd6b6nBsbvVDzyGcv8HrdL4!/

The 2006 White Paper is still in force and can be found in German, English and Russian at!ut/p/c4/Fcw5EoAgDEDRG5HezlModiwZyAAJI9v1xfnNqz48sGMzKZhOwibDDdrRYZeyZQbVyEV8I1JvVTJ1SspwQCsdlZc0CvLWQmrNDhfh-n85gPYItZTzA4w7BLg!/

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