Abolition 2000 Statements

Abolition 2000 Statement (EnglishEspañolDeutschFrancaise |ItalianoNederlandsJapanese)
This statement, adopted in 1995, describes concrete steps to help us achieve our goal of nuclear abolition. This statement has been signed by all member organizations and individuals. Sign on!

Moorea Declaration on Colonialism (English), 25 Jan 1997
This is a supplemental statement to the founding Abolition 2000 statement. It recognises that colonised and indigenous peoples have, in large part, borne the brunt of nuclear devastation.

Saffron Walden Declaration on Corporate Globalization (English) May 2001
Another supplemental statement to the founding statement, this declaration describes the need for a new security framework to make our world safe, rather than just building more weapons.

Abolition 2000 Global Council Statement on Iraq (English doc) [PDF]

IAEA Resolution (English)
Radiation Health Effects Resolution (English)
Resolution Against the Military/Nuclear Option of the Republic of Palau (English)
Youth Caucus Presentation (English)
Tarahoi Statement (English)
Letter to the Earth Council (English)

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