Paris Actions in August

Come to Paris:
August 6-9th !
International Fast against Nuclear Weapons.

Four days of action in Paris !

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Join us: Abolition 2000 Annual Meeting

September 16, 2011, 9am to 6pm
The World Council of Churches, Ecumenical Centre, 150 route Ferney, 1211, Geneva 2, Switzerland

On Friday September 16th, prior to the ICAN conference, Abolition 2000 will hold its Annual General Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.   The Abolition 2000 Coordinating Committee decided that in the absence of an NPT meeting at the UN this year, we would plan to hold our meeting in Geneva preceding the ICAN grassroots strategy session and UN lobbying meetings on September 17 to 19th for getting negotiations started on a treaty to ban the bomb.  The link to our meeting is here, and you can see more details about how to register, where to stay, the location of the meeting and how to connect with ICAN.   We are also asking that you make a donation to the
network if you’re able to do so.

Abolition 2000 Annual General Meeting

Help build the campaign for global nuclear abolition

Join us at the

Abolition 2000 Annual General Meeting

Abolition 2000 invites you and all your members to our Annual General Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, Friday, September 16th

 Abolition 2000 links organisations and initiatives around the world working for the elimination of nuclear weapons through a global treaty, and promoting simultaneous action on steps and measures supporting that goal.

 Please join us to review activities of the past year, in our Working Groups, affiliated networks, and regionally as we make plans for moving the nuclear abolition agenda forward in the coming year.  Momentum is building for negotiations on a treaty to ban the bomb, an initiative of our Abolition 2000 Network since 1995.  Our Annual Meeting will be followed by strategy sessions and lobbying organized by ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) in Geneva so do plan to stay on and participate in this exciting new Campaign.  See  Hope to see you there!

The Details

When: Friday, September 16th from 9:00 am to 6 pm.

Where: The World Council of Churches, Ecumenical Centre, 150 route Ferney, 1211,Geneva 2,Switzerland

Please RSVP to Susi Snyder: 
T: +31 (0) 30 233 33 46 / M: +31 (0) 6 489 814 92

For further information:


Arriving from the Geneva International Airport
By Car or Taxi-
1. Head northeast on Route Douanière toward Voie-des-Traz Partial restricted usage road 550 m
2. Turn left onto Voie-des-Traz 400 m
3. Turn left to stay on Voie-des-Traz 1.0 km
4. Turn right onto Route de Ferney. Go through 1 traffic circle Destination will be on the left 1.9 km

Arriving from the Geneva Cornavin Train Station:
 By Car or Taxi-
1. Head northeast on Pl. de Cornavin toward Rue des Alpe 130 m
2. Continue onto Rue de Lausanne/Route 1 for 1.0 km
3. Turn left onto Av. de France 900 m
4. Continue onto Route de Ferney. Destination will be on the right 1.1 km

Public transportation
Take Bus 5, 28, F or 18, and get off at Crêts-de-Morillon. 

Video: Amsterdam against Nukes

On International Nuclear Abolition Day 2011 the No Nukes campaign team shot a movie in Amsterdam to illustrate that people from all nationalities and different walks of lives share the same wish: a world free of nuclear weapons: everybody against nukes!

Weekend of events in Paris for P5 meeting

ICAN-France will hold a weekend of events in Paris to coincide with the official meeting of the Permanent-5 (P5) members of the UN Security Council in Paris for nuclear weapons issues.

Paris Rally:  Saturday 25 June 2011
No Nuclear Weapons!

14:00-18:00, Parvis des droits de l’Homme, Place du Trocadéro, Paris, France

Introduction: Dominique Lalanne

Susi Snyder, IKV Pax Christi, The Netherlands
Reiner Braun, Director, International Network of Engineers and Scientists
Kate Hudson, Chair, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK
George Farebrother, World Court Project
Alyn Ware, Coordinator of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament
John Burroughs, Director, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy
Kirsten Kierulf Strømme, Norwegian Physicians Against Nuclear Weapons
Arielle Denis, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons,
Robert Frye Film Director, Franck Jakson (UK), Pat Allen (UK), Giorgio Alba (Italy)

With French NGOs from ICAN-France

Music and clown show

Abolition 2000-Europe

Sunday 26 June 2011
CEDETIM, 21ter rue Voltaire, Paris 11ème

International Conference to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Susi Snyder will present the report “Withdrawal issues: what NATO countries say about the future of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe”. Then general discussion with Reiner Braun (Germany) and Giorgio Alba (Italy) on NATO nuclear weapons in Europe and Kate Hudson (UK) and Jean-Marie Collin (France) on Nuclear States programme of modernization. John Burroughs will give US perspectives.


9:00 registration
9:15 Welcome address and introduction, Dominique Lalanne
9:30 Withdrawal issues : Susi Snyder, IKV Pax Christi report
10:15 Reiner Braun, NATO nuclear Weapons in Germany, Giorgio Alba, NATO nuclear weapons in Italy, general debate on NATO weapons.
11:15 Nuclear States policy, Kate Hudson (UK), Jean-Marie Collin (France):The new Treaty for a modernization programme.
12:00 John Burroughs, the US perspectives
12:15 General debate: ICAN Europe strategy?

12:40 Conclusions by Arielle Denis, ICAN

13:00 ending

Contact person: Dominique Lalanne:

Link to ICAN France

For events in other cities, see

ICAN France International Rally to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

P5 summit on nuclear disarmament

As decided in May 2010 at the NPT Review Conference, the 5 Permanent Members of the Security Council of the UN will meet for a discussion on "what’s next ? ". It is crucial for civil society to answer : "nuclear disarmament, now !". The official meeting of the P5 is June 29-30 in Paris.

June 25 is Nuclear Abolition Day

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear WeaponsWhat is Nuclear Abolition Day?

Nuclear Abolition Day is an annual global day of action for a treaty to outlaw and eliminate all nuclear weapons. It is coordinated by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. The date changes from year to year depending on significant events. The first global day of action was held on 5 June 2010 in response to the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, which had just concluded.

Why is this year’s day of action 25 June?

At last year’s Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, the five original nuclear weapon states – the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and China – agreed to “accelerate concrete progress on … steps leading to nuclear disarmament”. The leaders of these five nations will meet in Paris on 29 and 30 June to discuss nuclear security as a follow-up to the Review Conference. June 25 is our opportunity to send them, and all other governments, a loud and clear message: it is time to begin work on a treaty to outlaw and eliminate all nuclear weapons.

What kinds of actions will take place?

On the 2010 global day of action, more than 80 actions took place in 30 countries. These included street demonstrations, benefit gigs, nuclear-free picnics, vigils, marches and education workshops. We encourage people to be as creative as possible. All actions must be non-violent. The aim is to raise public awareness about nuclear dangers and build political support for negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons completely. This year we will also focus on online actions to promote abolition, such as tweeting.

Read more about Nuclear Abolition Day and ideas for action at

Time to scrap Trident subs

Action Alert

ICAN in the United Kingdom needs your help to get more British members of parliament to support a nuclear weapons convention. Since November 2007, over 180 MPs have signed Early Day Motions supporting such a treaty. The majority of these are either Labour or Liberal Democrat MPs.

So far, only three Conservative MPs are in favour of a nuclear weapons convention and none voted against replacing Trident in 2007. However, since the economic crisis, a new cross-party debate has begun over whether Trident is affordable and desirable.

ICAN UK is calling on the government to show real leadership in the world by scrapping Trident and entering multilateral negotiations towards the verifiable global abolition of nuclear weapons. We therefore need people to write to parliamentarians and lobby them to support a convention by signing Early Day Motion 498.

Furthermore, there are 34 MPs who voted against replacing Trident in 2007 but haven’t yet signed an Early Day Motion in support of a convention. So we particularly need people who are constituents of these 34 MPs to write to them and explain why the government should back this proposed treaty.

This article is from the news section of the ICAN website

2011 disarmament video contest – ends April 1

The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s annual Swackhamer Disarmament Video Contest ends April 1. The contest is open to anyone around the world. We’re asking contestants to make a video of three minutes or less addressing the following question: How would the world look if the funds allocated to nuclear weapons throughout the Nuclear Age ($7.5 trillion for the US alone) had been spent instead on building a more decent world?

You can see the entries thus far on the contest’s Facebook page:

*you can view the videos without having a Facebook account. You only need an account if you are submitting a video to the contest.

For a full list of contest rules, visit the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s website at

Stop the War coalition calling for Lockheed Martin boycott

The Guardian reported that the coalition that protested against the Iraq war are urging British people to boycott next month’s UK’s census because the US arms manufacturer responsible for Trident is involved in gathering the information.

Refusing to fill in the 32-page questionnaire is against the law and protesters would face a £1,000 fine and a criminal record by boycotting the census. Resistance to the decennial census is growing as a coalition of anti-war groups, pacifists, religious organisations and digital activists begin raising public awareness about the role of Lockheed Martin, America’s largest arms manufacturer. Lockheed Martin makes Trident missiles for the British and US nuclear weapons systems, cluster munitions and F-16 nuclear-capable fighter planes. The company won the £150m contract to run the census on behalf of the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS)

A campaign to address the issue, bringing together religious groups, peace activists and digital data campaigners opposed to Lockheed Martin, is expected to emerge soon, the Guardian was told.

Read the article in The Guardian of Feb 19 2011