Archbishop calls for end to ‘scourge’ of nuclear weapons

Archbishop ChullikattOn 10 July, Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, the Vatican’s ambassador to the United Nations, delivered a rousing speech at the Catholic Center of the Diocese of Kansas City, condemning nuclear weapons. Archbishop Francis Chullikatt argued that nuclear weapons have “threatened humanity” for far too long and the world’s leaders lack the political will to remove “this scourge.” The speech was particularly significant as it provided an explanation for the church’s controversial opposition to a new nuclear weapons facility in Kansas which could bring $1 billion dollars into the community.

Archbishop Chullikatt noted that, as development needs across the globe are outpacing the resources being devoted to them, the expense of building nuclear arsenals is “nothing short of sinful” and the “grossest misplacement of priorities.”

Archbishop Chullikatt said nuclear weapons have been “aptly described as the ‘ultimate evil’, “and are still possessed by the most powerful countries that “refuse to let them go.” “If biological weapons, chemical weapons, and now landmines can be done away with, so too can nuclear weapons,” he stressed, adding that no weapon threatens modern peace more than nuclear weapons.

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