Arrests and injuries, route changed, transport delayed

City of Caen: 7 persons were arrested yesterday and got free again this evening but will have to pay a bail of 15.000 euros before 10 days. 3 of them were injured by riot police brutally cutting the chains have been moved to hospital, 2 with serious burns on their arms needing a skin transplant, 1 with some hand’s sinews cut needing surgery. Their lawyer intends to prosecute the riot policemen for unnecessary and deliberate violence. Several organisations probably will support this way.

The route of the train has been secretly changed during last night. It passed through the large cities of Reims and Strasbourg . Mayors & local authorities were not informed.

Today, November 6: This morning about 10 Greenpeace activists were arrested near the border before starting to block the train.

City of Berg : 1250 persons sitting on the railway track.

City of Kehl, at the German border: 3 activists hanging from a bridge stopped the train for 2 hours.

7pm: City of Dannenberg: peaceful demo by thousands of people.

In Germany , the train consists of 2 locomotives, 6 carriages for riot police, 11 CASTOR wagons ( nuclear waste), another 6 carriages for riot police and another 2 locomotives.

The train is now much delayed due to many protest actions.

Sophie Morel
( Réseau Sortir du Nucleaire)