Learn about Nuclear Weapons

In order to reach the goal of a world free of nuclear weapons, broad public opinion is needed. The youth of today are the opinion makers of tomorrow. To influence your future you need knowledge.

Learn about Nuclear Weapons is a web-based education tool from the Swedish Physicians against Nuclear Weapons (SLMK). It is available in Swedish, English and Norwegian and is designed for people who want to influence their future.

The problem is not exactly a lack of material on nuclear weapons and disarmament. However, sometimes it is difficult to sift through all information available and to find what you are looking for. SLMK and the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society offer material for anyone looking for basic or in-depth knowledge of nuclear weapons and disarmament issues.

Here you find information about the history of nuclear weapons; about the science behind it; about international law, treaties and organisations; about medical and psychological consequences of nuclear weapons; about political and financial aspects of nuclear weapons; about who possess nuclear weapons; about environmental effects of these weapons and about ethical and religious reasoning around nuclear weapons.