Video: Amsterdam against Nukes

On International Nuclear Abolition Day 2011 the No Nukes campaign team shot a movie in Amsterdam to illustrate that people from all nationalities and different walks of lives share the same wish: a world free of nuclear weapons: everybody against nukes!

Weekend of events in Paris for P5 meeting

ICAN-France will hold a weekend of events in Paris to coincide with the official meeting of the Permanent-5 (P5) members of the UN Security Council in Paris for nuclear weapons issues.

Paris Rally:  Saturday 25 June 2011
No Nuclear Weapons!

14:00-18:00, Parvis des droits de l’Homme, Place du Trocadéro, Paris, France

Introduction: Dominique Lalanne

Susi Snyder, IKV Pax Christi, The Netherlands
Reiner Braun, Director, International Network of Engineers and Scientists
Kate Hudson, Chair, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK
George Farebrother, World Court Project
Alyn Ware, Coordinator of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament
John Burroughs, Director, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy
Kirsten Kierulf Strømme, Norwegian Physicians Against Nuclear Weapons
Arielle Denis, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons,
Robert Frye Film Director, Franck Jakson (UK), Pat Allen (UK), Giorgio Alba (Italy)

With French NGOs from ICAN-France

Music and clown show

Abolition 2000-Europe

Sunday 26 June 2011
CEDETIM, 21ter rue Voltaire, Paris 11ème

International Conference to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Susi Snyder will present the report “Withdrawal issues: what NATO countries say about the future of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe”. Then general discussion with Reiner Braun (Germany) and Giorgio Alba (Italy) on NATO nuclear weapons in Europe and Kate Hudson (UK) and Jean-Marie Collin (France) on Nuclear States programme of modernization. John Burroughs will give US perspectives.


9:00 registration
9:15 Welcome address and introduction, Dominique Lalanne
9:30 Withdrawal issues : Susi Snyder, IKV Pax Christi report
10:15 Reiner Braun, NATO nuclear Weapons in Germany, Giorgio Alba, NATO nuclear weapons in Italy, general debate on NATO weapons.
11:15 Nuclear States policy, Kate Hudson (UK), Jean-Marie Collin (France):The new Treaty for a modernization programme.
12:00 John Burroughs, the US perspectives
12:15 General debate: ICAN Europe strategy?

12:40 Conclusions by Arielle Denis, ICAN

13:00 ending

Contact person: Dominique Lalanne:

Link to ICAN France

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Florence, Italy, joins call for abolition treaty

The Provincial Council of Florence in Italy has expressed its support for ICAN’s mission to achieve a nuclear weapons convention.

The discussion that brought to the adoption of the official support, highlighted how the end of the cold war was a missed opportunity for the world to get rid of nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, considering Obama’s speech in Prague in 2009 – when the US president underlined the moral responsibility of the United States as the only country who used the nuclear weapon – and the good will shown by the 2011 START II treaty ratification, the provincial council of Florence decided to join the ICAN and Senzatomica ( plead of a Nuclear Free world.

Finally, the Council called on the members of the General Assembly to make whichever possible to achieve a Nuclear Weapons Convention, and urges the President of the Provincial Council of Florence to advocate at Italian Foreign Ministry to reach this historic goal.

Read the statement (in Italian)

Article from ICAN homepage, written by Daniela Varano

June 25 is Nuclear Abolition Day

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear WeaponsWhat is Nuclear Abolition Day?

Nuclear Abolition Day is an annual global day of action for a treaty to outlaw and eliminate all nuclear weapons. It is coordinated by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. The date changes from year to year depending on significant events. The first global day of action was held on 5 June 2010 in response to the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, which had just concluded.

Why is this year’s day of action 25 June?

At last year’s Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, the five original nuclear weapon states – the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and China – agreed to “accelerate concrete progress on … steps leading to nuclear disarmament”. The leaders of these five nations will meet in Paris on 29 and 30 June to discuss nuclear security as a follow-up to the Review Conference. June 25 is our opportunity to send them, and all other governments, a loud and clear message: it is time to begin work on a treaty to outlaw and eliminate all nuclear weapons.

What kinds of actions will take place?

On the 2010 global day of action, more than 80 actions took place in 30 countries. These included street demonstrations, benefit gigs, nuclear-free picnics, vigils, marches and education workshops. We encourage people to be as creative as possible. All actions must be non-violent. The aim is to raise public awareness about nuclear dangers and build political support for negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons completely. This year we will also focus on online actions to promote abolition, such as tweeting.

Read more about Nuclear Abolition Day and ideas for action at

Time to scrap Trident subs

Action Alert

ICAN in the United Kingdom needs your help to get more British members of parliament to support a nuclear weapons convention. Since November 2007, over 180 MPs have signed Early Day Motions supporting such a treaty. The majority of these are either Labour or Liberal Democrat MPs.

So far, only three Conservative MPs are in favour of a nuclear weapons convention and none voted against replacing Trident in 2007. However, since the economic crisis, a new cross-party debate has begun over whether Trident is affordable and desirable.

ICAN UK is calling on the government to show real leadership in the world by scrapping Trident and entering multilateral negotiations towards the verifiable global abolition of nuclear weapons. We therefore need people to write to parliamentarians and lobby them to support a convention by signing Early Day Motion 498.

Furthermore, there are 34 MPs who voted against replacing Trident in 2007 but haven’t yet signed an Early Day Motion in support of a convention. So we particularly need people who are constituents of these 34 MPs to write to them and explain why the government should back this proposed treaty.

This article is from the news section of the ICAN website

Norwegians call for abolition

ICAN Norway this month held a debate with the country’s leading young politicians. All but one of the panelists agreed that Norway should start negotiations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons completely. More than 150 people attended the event.

ICAN Norway was launched last October by No to Nuclear Weapons, Norwegian Physicians against Nuclear Weapons and the Norwegian Pugwash committee. Together these organizations are working to create a wide network of humanitarian and other non-profit groups to build support for a nuclear weapons convention.

ICAN Norway is a national and politically independent campaign that seeks to unite all individuals and organizations that support the campaign’s purpose. It promotes initiatives aimed at raising awareness among politicians, trade unions, non-government organisations and the wider public.

History has shown the need to regulate and prohibit the use of weapons that cause unnecessary suffering. ICAN will build on lessons learned from similar campaigns against anti-personnel land mines and cluster munitions, where national and international NGOs contributed significantly to the establishment of binding agreements and where the Norwegian government played a key role.

Nuclear weapons not only represent a threat in the form of the potential horrors and destruction inherent in their use. By virtue of their very existence, nuclear weapons are also directly and indirectly contributing to political instability in the world. ICAN Norway will no longer accept this reality. We demand action now!

Visit the ICAN Norway website

Video of ICAN campaigners in Bergen (in Norwegian)

This article was from the news section of the ICAN website

Feminism and Disarmament

The gender perspective as a necessity to achieve a world without nuclear weapons

Dr. Rebecca Johnson, Acronym Institute

Dr. Rebecca Johnson, Acronym Institute

In October 2010 Ursula Gelis talked to Dr. Rebecca Johnson, a scientist from the Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy in London/UK, when she was in Oslo to launch the Norwegian ICAN campaign to free the world of all nuclear weapons.

This interview is not about the behavior and debates of politicians but about grassroots activism, especially that of women who realise their visions through determined commitment and actions.

Read interview on ICAN website

Million Pleas

Million Pleas LogoHelp free the world from nuclear weapons – help to make the world’s longest video chain letter.

The video chain was started by a group of school children from Hiroshima, Japan and is addressed to the 9 countries still in possession of nuclear weapons. “Million Pleas” asks people from all over the globe to upload a video clip of themselves saying the word “please”. The “pleases” will then be edited into a long virtual chain letter, which will act as a petition to abolish nuclear weapons, worldwide.

The campaign is an initiative of ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons, and is being launched in this the 65th anniversary year of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Please add your voice to the campaign.