Norwegians call for abolition

ICAN Norway this month held a debate with the country’s leading young politicians. All but one of the panelists agreed that Norway should start negotiations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons completely. More than 150 people attended the event.

ICAN Norway was launched last October by No to Nuclear Weapons, Norwegian Physicians against Nuclear Weapons and the Norwegian Pugwash committee. Together these organizations are working to create a wide network of humanitarian and other non-profit groups to build support for a nuclear weapons convention.

ICAN Norway is a national and politically independent campaign that seeks to unite all individuals and organizations that support the campaign’s purpose. It promotes initiatives aimed at raising awareness among politicians, trade unions, non-government organisations and the wider public.

History has shown the need to regulate and prohibit the use of weapons that cause unnecessary suffering. ICAN will build on lessons learned from similar campaigns against anti-personnel land mines and cluster munitions, where national and international NGOs contributed significantly to the establishment of binding agreements and where the Norwegian government played a key role.

Nuclear weapons not only represent a threat in the form of the potential horrors and destruction inherent in their use. By virtue of their very existence, nuclear weapons are also directly and indirectly contributing to political instability in the world. ICAN Norway will no longer accept this reality. We demand action now!

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Video of ICAN campaigners in Bergen (in Norwegian)

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