Florence, Italy, joins call for abolition treaty

The Provincial Council of Florence in Italy has expressed its support for ICAN’s mission to achieve a nuclear weapons convention.

The discussion that brought to the adoption of the official support, highlighted how the end of the cold war was a missed opportunity for the world to get rid of nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, considering Obama’s speech in Prague in 2009 – when the US president underlined the moral responsibility of the United States as the only country who used the nuclear weapon – and the good will shown by the 2011 START II treaty ratification, the provincial council of Florence decided to join the ICAN and Senzatomica (www.senzatomica.it) plead of a Nuclear Free world.

Finally, the Council called on the members of the General Assembly to make whichever possible to achieve a Nuclear Weapons Convention, and urges the President of the Provincial Council of Florence to advocate at Italian Foreign Ministry to reach this historic goal.

Read the statement (in Italian)

Article from ICAN homepage, written by Daniela Varano