UNIDIR Special Issue on nuclear disarmament and civil society

UNIDIR Disarmament Forum coverThe latest issue of the Disarmament Forum, published by UNIDIR (United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research) is a special issue on Civil society and nuclear disarmament.

Contents include contributions from Lawrence S. Wittner on today’s nuclear abolition movement, Tim Wright and Nina Eisenhardt on generations of change, Dimity Hawkins on campaigning for a ban on  nuclear weapons, Robert Green on deterrence and others.

This issue of Disarmament Forum considers the question of civil society and nuclear abolition. How can the objective of nuclear disarmament and abolition once again captivate and motivate the public as it did during and even immediately following the Cold War? Are there lessons that could be drawn from more recent (and more successful) civil society movements in other areas of disarmament? What are the steps to building civil society partnership into the nuclear disarmament dialogue? How can we ensure a “seat at the table” for civil society on nuclear issues, as has been achieved recently with landmines and cluster munitions—where civil society was a valued partner in the process, not marginalized to the role of cheerleader outside the negotiating chamber? The expert contributions to this issue address these questions and more in a manner that is both thought-provoking and forward-looking.

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