Country Contacts

Abolition 2000 Europe is looking for one or more “Country contacts” in each European country. Country contacts’ activities can include:

  1. Coordinate lobbying in your capital (i.e. Foreign Affairs) in favour of New Agenda and NPT process towards negotiations of a Nuclear Weapons Convention
  2. Coordinate lobbying the Members of European Parliament in your country (if applicable)
  3. Coordinate Mayors for Peace campaign in your country
  4. Promote activities of the network in your country
  5. Participate in European network meetings

Of course we welcome several country contacts per country to share this work. If you would like to become a Country Contact, please email snyder(at)

These are the present country contacts:

Belgium | Denmark | Finland | France – ACDN – Action des Citoyens pour le Desarmement Nucleaire Mouvement de la Paix | Germany – German Abolition Network Pressehutte Mutlangen | Greece – IPPNW | Malta – Moviment Graffitti | Netherlands- IKV Pax Christi | Norway – Nei til atomvapen | Sweden – SLMK | United Kingdom

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